Landscape photography for me is an escape and a passion.

Exploring the wild outdoors of Ireland and beyond and aiming to capture fleeting moments of drama and pure wild inspiration through landscape photos and video.

For me, telling the story of the natural beauty around us is one of the most powerful uses of photography. Representing moments that may never be witnessed again and capturing ethereal beauty that can be admired by many, but simply marking moments of history with a record that captures what has been. In my landscape photography, no matter the subject, I aim to convey a scene that captures the essence of the moment as I experienced it.

A growing collection

I have been capturing images on and off for over a decade and have amassed a large collection of photos from around Ireland and abroad. Above is a growing showcase of work that will grow as I shoot new scenes but also discover gems in my archive that were sometimes recorded and forgotten. Last year I embarked on a lengthy project of reorganising, editing and cataloguing my photography portfolio which stems from initially when I picked up a camera in secondary school, through college and into my professional career. My photography archive spans time and also exploration and learning, sometimes shooting different styles and scenes, shooting on different cameras with different file formats, using different methods of organisation and storage (which makes this current archive diving much more difficult) and many different locations. But what is common is the love of capturing and recording the beauty of the landscape around us. Expect to see more here soon, so visit again. Thanks.


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