let my craft tell the story of your craft.

My background is products. As a qualified industrial designer I have a keen eye for detail. From attending NCAD and working side by side with many artists and crafts people I have developed a fine appreciation for all craft forms in terms of understanding of materials, processes and meaning. By combining this with my photographic eye I know what is needed to create compelling images of your work. I enjoy to work with new artists and am happy to work on-site or you can send your work to me. I have photographed a wide range of projects as you can see below and enjoy a new challenge and topic to shoot.

When I work to capture your work I will create a series of images based on the style or setting we have discussed and agreed on. If you would like studio type imagery or environmental based images, neither is a problem. Shooting in your own studio or workshop environment can be a way to bring a high level of authenticity and depth to the images.

If you like what you see,

let's work together. Drop me a message and let me know what you need.


Follow me below and see work as it happens.